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Toe Togs
PO Box #76
Eastport, MI 49627

Sue takes ToeTogs on the road spring through autumn so that folks can feel the softness of the the arch support, and can play with the color and leather choices to design their own style. Then it is into the shop again during the cold months, to make all the shoes that were ordered that year.
Walk in Beauty,
Sue Swain

Show Schedule

July 3 - 5

National Womens Music Festival
Madison, Wisconsin

July 10 - 12

Blissfest Folk and Roots Music Festival
Bliss, Michigan

July 25 - 26

Art on the rocks
Marquette, Mi

August 3 - 9

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
Hart, Michigan

September 11 - 13

Wheatland Music Festival
Remus, Michigan

September 18 - 27

Ohio Lesbian Festival
Kirkersville, Ohio

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