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As each pair is made to Your feet/ Your arch, if I've not had HANDS on your feet, this is more of a DREAM PAGE. Dream in detail using this site, and find me in my booth at one of these shows to order your footwear.

Please note: this site is being updated. The prices quoted on the Styles overview page, which may differ from the individual style pages, are currently in effect.


If I have already met and measured your feet, WELCOME BACK! Start here:

your own sandals, shoes or boots

  • CHOOSE style, including height if applicable
  • CHOOSE base leather and color (more than one?)
  • CHOOSE trim color(s)
  • ADD your own creative ideas: decal, insignia....
  • CONSIDER soling and button options
  • FIGURE the cost as you go, and remember,
    I only require Half Down to begin!

Then get in touch, and we go from there! I look forward to it!

For that, we need to communicate:

  • Text: 231.350.6758
  • Email:
  • Phone, if necessary, the number above


May there be Peace,

Sue Swain, signature


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