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Toe Togs
PO Box #76
Eastport, MI 49627

I invite you to a creative partnership—

Toe Togs is a collaboration between me, the shoemaker, and you, the intended wearer. Each pair of Toe Togs is handmade for your feet. From the beginning, you select the styles, choose the leathers, the color scheme, and any special designs of significance to you. I provide a shoe that will give you both comfort and pleasure for the years to come. Basically, you design 'em and I build 'em for your feet.

Each shoe is made to order, so the time of delivery varies throughout the year. I will send you an order confirmation with the approximate time your new shoes will be ready.

Toe Togs are not made on a commercial last, so unlike commercially made shoes, they might feel snug at first. Your feet shape the leather as you wear the shoes—your toes form the toe box; your heel, the heel cup.

The soling is glued on for easy replacement when the soles wear out. Like good friends, the uppers will last and last if you care for them properly.

Treat your feet to a pair of Toe Togs and ...
Walk in Beauty,
Sue Swain
Sue Swain

~Making shoes since the turn of the century~

First pair made by Toe Togs

First pair, still going strong!


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